EZguide™ is an easy yet innovative approach to guided surgery.
Noris Medical developed this system to assist in “day to day” placement of “ routine” and pterygoid implant procedures. A simple to use surgical set allows the predictability of immediate loading with the efficiency of a short and error-proof workflow.
The EZguide™ surgical set allows the full capabilities of all guide types: From pilot drilling to fully guided implant loading, for bone, tissue, or teeth supported guides.
The EZguide™ surgical kit is suitable for tapered or cylindrical implants and is the only guided surgical set to include the ability to place pterygoid implants – Fully guided in the same set.
Supported by top-notch implant planning and surgical guide software, the EZplan™ software permits modular capabilities for seamless communication between the clinician and the laboratory for implants placement and design for surgical guides. The EZplan™ is used for all of Noris Medical’s Internal Hex implants and can be used in-house or outsourced by the Noris Digital Team.


With the broad portfolio of implants Noris Medical offers, it is crucial to have one guided surgical instumentation set that is able to support it all.
The guided surgical set will control the location, orientation, and the final position of the implant. Maximum precision and accuracy is paramount in order to fabricate and deliver a prosthesis immediately on the day of surgery.
It is optimal to achieve the above with the shortest, most efficient workflow and minimal error. A synergy of software instruments is needed to eliminate human error prior to and during surgery as wel as have the ability to design the precise prosthetics for immediate load. All using a digital workflow.
Simple drilling protocol is a challenging mission to achieve, especially when it comes to pterygoids and very long implants for tilted implants approach. The EZguide™ guided surgical set, offers simple and spoon-less drills and step-drills, enables the shortest drilling steps to achieve a Suitable tapered osteotomy from 6mm to 18mm implant length, and from 3.3mm to 5mm implant diameter.
In order to reduce human errors to a minimum, it is essential to keep the clinician’s attention at the surgical site throughout the entire procedure. The printed drilling protocol on the EZguide™ guided surgical set tray, along with color-coded sleeves inside the guide, enables the dentist an efficient and Machined operation, obviating the need to jump back and forth from the printed protocol to the surgical site.


  • Universal guided surgical set for Internal Hex implants
  • The first and only fully guided set to include pterygoid solution
  • Unparalleled precision for 6-18mm implants
  • Increased safety and minimized human errors due to color coding
  • An easier procedure for both for the patient and the surgeon
  • Increased confidence for both the clinician and patient
  • Immediate Loading of prefabricated temporary bridge, due to expected precision and implant’s depth/orientation control mounted through the guide

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Case study
Guided surgery along with two sinus augmentations
Surgery performed by Dr. Yaniv Mayer, Periodontist
Using EZguide™ for Implants Placement Tuff and Pterygoids
Performed by Dr. Michael Abba, Maxillofacial Surgeon
Performed by Dr. Fadi Obeid
Surgical Guided Set for EZguide™
EZguide™ Guided Surgical Protocol
Brochure Digital Solutions
NORIS Medical EZguide™ - Advanced Guided Surgery for Traditional Implantology
"EZguide™️ Set" - Advanced Guided Surgery set for successful performance using Noris EZguide™️
"EZguide™️ Set" - Advanced Guided Surgery set for successful performance using Noris EZguide™️. Ezguide™️ assists the dentist and surgeons to plan a precise implantation procedure easily, using the most advanced technology. ✅ Simple & smart – When quality service and knowledge meet ✅ Cutting-edge technology with precision performance ✅ Customized deployment with Worldwide distribution
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